THE SCIENCE the science
Our Brain called the triune brain consists of 3 integral systems. The three parts are commonly known as the reptilian brain (instinctual), the mammalian or limbic brain (emotional) and the human brain or neo-cortex (rational). Since the parts of the brain that are activated by a perceived life-threatening situation are the parts we share with animals (reptilian Brain), much has been learned by studying how animals avoid traumatization.

When an animal is faced with a life-threatening situation, adrenalin is pumped into the system to give enough energy to respond in a fight, flight or freeze response. When the animal is out of danger, the system can get back onto balance by starting to engage in discharge behaviors like shaking, twitching, etc. This is not arbitrary. Appearing like a re-enactment, for example, it could move like it's running to get away from a lion fulfilling its initial response. Excess survival energy in the nervous system that has accumulated to initiate the fight, flight response can begin to discharge.
The system has a chance to fully re-integrate.
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