what is trauma? WHAT IS TRAUMA?
Trauma is defined as anything that has been overwhelming to the nervous system.

Sources of trauma have a wide range including accidents, abuse, falls, injuries, sexual trauma, violence, invasive surgical and dental procedures, loss, or even birth. In our society, the emphasis is on the neo-cortex, which is the rational or frontal brain.

After a traumatic event like a car accident, for example, it is easy to get pulled out of the discharge process by answering questions like what is your name, questions about insurance papers, etc. This interruption of discharging a high level of activation causes the energy to get trapped in our bodies.

What causes us to remain traumatized has more to do with how the aftermath is dealt with and what happens physiologically. Numerous symptoms can develop when we are disconnected from our ability to utilize our innate healing potentials.

Since we are adaptation creatures, our bodies will find a way to deal with this energy by chemically bonding the energy to our tissues, nerve endings, organs, etc. This shows up in our lives in numerous ways, sleep deprivation, anxiety, not being able to make changes, depression and psychosomatic and behavioral problems, etc. that harm us.
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